Ten good reasons to buy in quierote.es.

Tea is the fashionable drink and this can be seen, among many other manifestations, by its increasing presence in the large food distribution networks. Chains of the importance of Alcampo, Dia, Lidl, Carrefour or Mercadona constantly expand their catalog of teas and infusions, driven by a growing demand from consumers who appreciate the organoleptic and health properties of plants prepared in the form of infusion.

Not only is the famous Camellia Sinensis present, known and appreciated for millennia, other plants such as rooibos and the classic tila or chamomile,are creatively combined with a huge variety of herbs and flowers to obtain flavors, smells and benefits for the taste or need of each consumer.

Below, we offer you ten good reasons to buy your teas and infusions in quierote.es

1st. Experience: Since 2015 we have been offering our products to a select, demanding and expert public.

2nd. Specialization: We are dedicated exclusively to tea and infusions which allows us to know and take care of what we do.

3rd. Quality: We select our products in a very demanding way, among the best in the world, we only work with certified suppliers that guarantee us premium quality teas. We do not work with manufactured products aimed at mass consumption.

4th. Freshness: Our supply and sales rotation system guarantees the maximum freshness of our teas and infusions.

5th. Price: We have a magnificent value for money. With one hundred grams of tea you can get on average more than eight liters once prepared, which makes it a very economical drink, as well as healthy.

6th. Assortment: We have selected for you. More than one hundred teas and infusions with a representation of the most important varieties and origins.

7th. Comfort: Comfortably and quietly decide what products you want from home and receive it in a few days at home.

8th. Advice: If you have any questions or curiosity please contact us and we will try to solve it, we are experts and we love our work.

9th. Free Shipping: Shipping costs are free, asking for a minimum amount of product.

10th. 100 Guarantee: If your order does not meet your expectations, we will give you the option of replenishing a new order of equivalent value or refunding the money. No questions asked.

Extra reason: Organic packaging: If you wish we have Kraft paper bags, which are a more ecological container for tea. Because they do not contain plastic, they are fully recyclable. Just ask for it on your purchase and we will package your entire order in this type of bag at no additional charge.

We invite you to visit quierote.es

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