The tea mutiny

The tea mutiny.

Tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water. However, you may have noticed that Americans or rather Americans are more of coffee. What's it all about? Here you can find a possible explanation.

On 16 December 1773, members of the Sons of Liberty association, a secret revolutionary organization, dressed as Mohicans or Indians, boarded several British ships in Boston Harbor and in two or three hours, they climbed 340 chests to the decks and emptied their contents: 46 tons of tea, at that time, a ton of tea cost the same as a two-storey house.

It was an act of protest by American settlers against Britain over the adoption by The United States colonists of the "Tea Act", which taxed the importation from the metropolis of various products, including tea.

The English's reprisals soon arrived, blocking Boston Harbor and creating a series of intolerable laws, with great deprivation of liberty for settlers.

This is considered a precedent of the American War of Independence.

The American patriots had come to call it "the drink of traitors."

Despite all this, today one of the soft drinks preferred by Americans is the cold tea and surely you have in your mind the prototypical image of the tea jar with cubes and lemon slices.

And of course the so-called American tea, which is nothing more than tea made in milk instead of water and that with some varieties of tea is delicious.

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