Tea as a depurative.

Surely you already know the important antioxidant properties of tea and the multiple benefits it brings to your health.

In our way of life we are constantly exposed to sources of toxins, so it is more important than ever to ensure the correct supply of antioxidants and nutrients. Especially, after having excess in meals, so typical of the festive seasons.

Here are some tips for purifying your body and mind:

Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Avoid alcoholic beverages.

Get moderate physical exercise.

Drink plenty of water.

Take infusions with high antioxidant content, see the Depurative Pack of quierote.es.

Take advantage of the time you enjoy your infusion to purify your mind as well:

Try to slow down your thoughts, relax.

Focus on all the good things going on around you.

Enjoy the aroma, the taste, the warmth of your tea and feel like you renew yourself.

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